Panasonic releases new Air Purifier to create cleaner and healthier living conditions

Panasonic has launched a new floor standing air purifier which can filter out unwanted pollutants and create a cleaner and healthier living environment on your home.

The Panasonic Air Purifier (F-PXU70MWL) includes the company’s proprietary nanoe X technology which actively cleans the air in the room and removes 99 per cent of impurities including bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens that are both airborne and on surfaces.

Under the hood is a HEPA composite filter which prevents the reproduction of bacteria while at the same time removing up to 99.99 per cent of ultrafine particles.

The Panasonic Air Purifier also has de-formaldehyde technology to remove contaminants you may not think exist including from household items like furniture.

The device can handle rooms of up to 95 square metres which means it’s ideal anywhere in the house whether it’s a bedroom, living room or office space.

The unit has a small footprint so it will be a discreet addition to your home no matter where you place it.

And the Panasonic air purifier is more than just about fresh air.

It can also help retain the moisture in your skin and your hair so you can have clean hair without sacrificing hydrated skin.

“Australians are now more conscious than ever about what they’re breathing into their bodies,” says Ginger Yu, Product Marketing Manager, Appliances, Panasonic.

“With our Air Purifier, they can create an atmosphere that feels clean and is clean.

“At Panasonic, our goal is to help make our customers’ lives easier while always maintaining the highest quality in all our products.

“We’re happy to be able to do that with our nanoe X technology, which helps them create a safe space to breathe in.

“We want customers to be able to relax at home and know that their Air Purifier is working constantly to purify the air, and to provide them with a healthier environment.”

The Panasonic Air Purifier (F-PXU70MWL) is available now and is priced at $989.

Ensuring comfort and cleanliness

  • Equipped with a HEPA composite filter – prevents bacteria reproduction and effectively removes up to 99.99% of ultra-fine particles of 0.003 microns that can potentially travel deep into your lungs and cause health problems.
  • De-formaldehyde Technology – using a 3-step process, formaldehyde contaminants which may be present in household items such as furniture are removed by chemical decomposition, activated carbon absorption and trapping.
  • Odour/PM2.5 (Particulate Matter) Indicator – displays the PM2.5 concentration level within the home on an LCD panel in numerical form and indicates odour level via a coloured line on the LCD panel (purple indicates a high level, green is medium level and blue is low level).
  • Nanoe™X technology – helps inhibit pollutants, both airborne and on surfaces in the home. Pollutants inhibited include bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollution, and bushfire smoke.
  • Variety of features – a multitude of features including a brightness sensor, ability to control air volume, child lock, filter replacement indicator and LCD indication panel that has a smart light sensor which dims when ambient light is low.

Maintaining health and hydration

  • Skin Hydration – the nanoe™X capabilities combine with the natural sebum to coat and hydrate the skin.
  • Hair Hydration – the moisture in nanoe™X hydrates the hair as well.
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