LG’s ezDispense washing machines add the right amount of detergent automatically

LG has unveiled its new ezDispense range of smart washing machines which includes several automated features to save you precious time when doing your laundry.

The latest range of LG front load washing machines introduce a new pre-set auto dosing system.

This new hero feature is called ezDispense which can detect the weight of each load and automatically release just the right amount of detergent.

This means users won’t have to worry about using too little or too much detergent ever again.

There are separate reservoirs in the ezDispense drawer for liquid detergent and softener which, when filled, have enough capacity to cover up to 35 medium loads.

That’s a time saver right there.

Now all you have to do is throw in the clothes and hit start and the detergent is already there and ready to go.

 “Our latest auto-dosing washing machines gives the age-old chore of doing the laundry a level up,” says Shannon Tweedie, LG Australia marketing manager for home appliances.

“This is a smart example of technology that not only delivers great results, but also frees Australians from the technical side of things.

“Personally, I love the idea of being able to fill the dispenser once, then keep my laundry bench tops free of clutter from detergent bottles.

“I think many Aussies find appeal in the idea of set and forget when it comes to doing our everyday chores.”

Also onboard the ezDispense is the existing AI DD technology which provides an optimal wash cycle based on your load.

The machine uses AI technology to assist the weight and fabric softness and automatically selects the right cycle and wash motion for a more thorough yet gentle clean.

The new washing machine range can also be controlled via the LG ThinQ mobile app remotely which gives users the opportunity to start, adjust, monitor or download new wash cycles and track your energy consumption with your smartphone.

The LG Steam technology can loosen and open fabric fibres while the Allergy Care cycle can reduce exposure to common allergens like dust mites and bacteria while the Wrinkle Care function can eliminate wrinkles.

If you are time poor, the ezDispense range has a quick clean option with its Turbo Clean 360 feature with water jets operating during the wash and rinse process so it can get through a 5kg load in only 39 minutes.

The new ezDispense washing machine can also be paired with the LG Twin Wash Mini to allow users to run two separate loads at the same time so you can wash whites and colours or bedding and delicates simultaneously.

The new LG range come with a 10-year parts warranty on the LG inverter direct drive motor. The LG ezDispense washing machine range is on sale now from leading retailers and online through lg.com/au and start at $999.