Aldi stores will begin selling 3D printers from next week

If you head down to your local Aldi store next week you’ll be able to pick up some biscuits, dishwashing liquid, paper towels, a bottle of wine AND the Cocoon 3D printer.

From Wednesday February 17, Aldi’s Special Buys will include the Cocoon 3D printer, the Cocoon 3D pen and Cocoon 3D filament.

The Cocoon 3D printer will be priced at $499 – making it one of the cheapest 3D printers in Australia.

The easy-to-set-up device has a heated print bed and can print with a variety of filaments including plastic and wood.

The printer has an LCD screen control panel with a large print area that’s 20cm wide, 20cm long and 18cm high.

It will read and print common 3D model files and comes with one 10m PLA filament, a 2GB microSD card and CURA software.

A 3D pen creation

Users can download a variety of 3D models from chess pieces and toys to spare parts and other household items.

The Cocoon 3D pen ($79.99) allows you to create 3D models by hand. It has adjustable heat settings and drawing speeds and includes three 3m filaments.

The Cocoon 3D printer will be available from Aldi

Customers who purchase a Cocoon 3D printer or the Cocoon 3D pen can also buy extra 1kg spools of PLA filament in black, blue, green or grey for $34.99 each.