The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen – Outbreak

It’s a billionth our size and its beating us. This week on The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen podcast we’re watching Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman.

Outbreak tells the story of a deadly virus coming to the US and infecting a small town with the race to find the host and a cure before more drastic measures are taken to kill the virus.

Stephen saw this in the cinema and it also made it back into the Netflix Top 10 during the COVID pandemic in 2020 – 25 years after its release. Trevor is, of course, seeing it for the very first time.

We go through the memorable scenes and share some interesting facts, behind the scenes tidbits, trivia, fact v fiction and other things you don’t know about the film.

You can listen to the show on the player below.

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