Movie of the Day app brings you hit Fox films at a bargain price

If you love movies and also love getting a great deal, then you have to check out the Movie of the Day app from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment which offers a digital high definition movie each day priced at up to 75 per cent off.

The app is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users and it offers the chance to add to your iTunes movie library every day.

Movie fans can get a great deal on some of the biggest movies of all time including Die Hard, Alien, Planet of the Apes, The Sound of Music, Ice Age and many more.

The Movie of the Day app is also loaded with extras including trailers, the film synopsis and reviews for each film.

And if you see a movie you want to purchase all you need to do is use your iTunes account to add the film to your library.

The Movie of the Day app also lets you share your purchase with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook and give them the opportunity to buy the movie at that day’s bargain price.

The movie each day is taken from several different genres including action, science fiction, blockbuster, romantic and comedy.

For example, the film X-Men: First Class was available to but through the Movie of the Day app for just $3.99.

“The Movie of the Day app is a super convenient way for consumers to access the movies they love at the touch of a button,” said Mary Daily, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Worldwide Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

“The app gives movie lovers access to an amazing array of movies every day at a great price.”



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