Dreame launches the A1 robotic mower to save you hundreds of hours of yard work

Dreame has expanded its product line-up into the backyard with its first all-in-one robotic mower -the A1 – which can save you hundreds of hours of yard work per year.

The Dreame A1 is packed with impressive new technologies including its patented high precision 3D-sensor technology, Omni-Sense 3D Ultra-Sensing system and U-Shaped Planning Programme.

The A1 robotic mower can work in even the most challenging environments and slopes and is also smart enough to dodge obstacles including trees, yard furniture, toys and other items left in the yard. And it can work day or night.

Dreame’s A1 requires no boundary wires or beacons to navigate your yard to centimetre level precision.

The mower uses 3D high precision LIDAR and has a detection distance of up to 70 metres so it can see its environment in all directions and complete an accurate map of your garden.

The Omni-Sense 3D Ultra-Sensing system is powered by the U-Shape planning technology and can map and mow in a uniform or customised pattern.

This means the lawn will have a consistent cut with precisely the right grass height to give your lawn a manicured look.

Under the hood is an intelligent algorithm and Omni-Sense 360-degree sensing so it can avoid all the most common lawn obstacles – including children and pets.

The unit is powered by a 2200RPM blade rotation and can mow 1000 square metres a day.

The Dreame A1 robotic lawn mower has adjustable cutting heights which can go as low as 3cm centimetres and as high as 7cm with half centimetre adjustments.

The AI robotic mower will also intelligently return to the charging station when it is low on battery and will resume exactly where it left off once it is recharged.

Naturally, the A1 has an intuitive companion app which puts all the controls literally in your hands so you can adjust settings on the go and set mowing schedules.

The Dreame A1 will be available in the coming days and will be priced at $3,999 but we did so an introductory special on the Dreame website which reduced the price to $3,499.