Tips on designing a smart and modern kitchen

If you’re building a new house or renovating your existing kitchen it’s worth keeping up with the tech and design trends for this room which is considered the heart of the home.

LG has shed some light on the latest design trends for homeowners who are thinking about updating their kitchen or building one from scratch.

In this high tech era, connectivity and smart appliances can truly play their part in the modern kitchen.

Here are LG’s top kitchen design trends:


Kitchen appliances were once only available in white and grey stainless steel but darker colours are now available and can offset the white of your kitchen or play off your colour scheme.

LG’s latest InstaView refrigerator, which allows users to look inside the tap on the window, comes in both black stainless steel and matte black.

Other appliances including toasters, kettles and blenders also available in darker colours including black.


This year most appliances you will see will be smart.

Combine that with the connectivity that already exists in your homes and you can create something truly special.

Smart homes are the new standard and that makes it easy for us to communicate and interact with our appliances.

This includes having remote access to your appliances through your smartphone so you don’t need to be home to turn on the oven, for example.

With the LG InstaView refrigerator, it’s possible to look inside and make your choice without actually having to open the door.

By knocking on the glass window, the screen becomes transparent.

This way you’re not letting all the cold air out while you’re making up your mind.


Wi-Fi connected appliances, not only in the kitchen, can make life easier for all of us because we can monitor and control them from anywhere.

Having the smart devices in your home makes it possible to set routines for when you wake up, leave home and arrive back home in the evening.

Users can also receive notifications from their oven when the cooking is completed and also have their morning coffee ready to go when they wake up.


In the past, we used to design the kitchen and then find appliances later.

Today the trend is the opposite with renovators purchasing their appliances first and then designing the kitchen around them.

This way appliances can fit neatly into their alcoves and not take up any unnecessary space.

The placement of the appliances is also crucial to make sure your kitchen functions efficiently.

LG recommends designing your kitchen to reduce movement so you don’t have to constantly move back and forth between different work areas.

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