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What we can expect to see at the Samsung Galaxy Note8 launch this week

The Samsung Galaxy Note7

This week Samsung will launch its new Galaxy Note8 smartphone in New York almost exactly a year after the ill-fated Note7 went on sale before being discontinued after battery defects caused fires and explosions. You can rest assured the Note8 won’t be suffering such a fate. Samsung has learned a lot from the disastrous Note7 experience and has put in place numerous safety checks to …

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Samsung’s rumoured Note8 smartphone will have a dual-lens camera system


The likelihood Samsung will produce a Note8 increased considerably this week with new reports surfacing stating the device will feature a next-generation dual lens camera system. The Korean Herald has reported that Samsung is likely to adopt dual cameras for the Galaxy Note8. The report said Samsung didn’t go with the dual lens camera on the Galaxy S8 because of a cost issue. But it …

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