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Review: Sennheiser PC 333D Headset

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Amazing graphics in computers games have always a been a feast for the eyes but often the sound quality of the same games is not always fully appreciated.

Sennheiser’s PC 333D  Headset can certainly make up for that with 7.1 multi-channel surround sound and noise cancelling microphone.

If you’re serious about your PC gaming then the PC 333D can enhance the experience as well as your enjoyment.   

The Sennheiser PC 333D Headset is built with comfort in mind with a padded headband and padded earcups which makes it easy to wear for hours at a time.

The right earcup also has a DJ hinge so it can be easily swivelled off the ear to hear something outside of the game, the music or the movie.

Connected to the left ear cup is the microphone which can be swung down comfortably directly in front of your mouth so you can speak to your teammates in the game or with your friends on Skype or other internet chat.

The microphone can be bent into and moved to suit you easily and also muted simply by raising the boom arm.

The Sennheiser PC 333D Headset which will enhance your PC gaming experienceVolume can also be easily adjusted using the control on the outside of the right earcup.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser PC 333D Headset is exceptional and having the luxury of Dolby 7.1 channel surround sound can mean the difference between winning and losing for online players.

In some shooter games like Call of Duty the ability to hear opponents to the side and behind you make you a better and even more dangerous player.

The design of the ear cups, which sit snugly over your ears, creates a seal and cuts out most of the ambient noise.

The Sennheiser PC333D Headset has two cords – microphone and headphones – which attach to a Mac or PC through a USB adaptor if there are no individual ports for each cable.

But these headphones are not only great for gaming they can also be used when watching movies or listening to music on a computer or other portable media player or mobile.

The headset’s microphone also provides high quality recordings which I actually use to record my weekly Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast on Skype with my co-producer and other tech “bloke” Trevor Long.

I have also used the PC333D’s headphones and microphone to record voiceovers for videos I’ve shot for Tech Guide.

The Sennheiser PC333D Headset comes with a soft leather carry pouch for easy storage or to pack into a suitcase and also comes with a two-year warranty.

The only downside we found was the fact the headset wouldn’t work with the most popular gaming platforms – the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And even if it did it would need a longer cord.

While the Sennheiser PC333D Headset had been designed with gamers in mind, it also has plenty to offer non-gamers who want to enjoy high quality audio or chatting with loved ones online.

Sennhesier PC 333D

Price: $299

Four stars (out of five)


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