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Fitbit Versa review – affordable smartwatch that’s like a personal trainer on your wrist


Fitbit, already a household name when it comes to activity trackers, has ventured again into smartwatch territory with the Fitbit Versa and is trying to poach customers away from the popular Apple watch. The company’s first attempt was last year with the release of the Fitbit Ionic which was priced almost in line with the Apple Watch – the runaway leader in the category. Now …

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Logitech Craft review – luxurious keyboard with great design and handy features


Luxury is not usually a word you associate with a computer keyboard but it definitely comes to mind when using the new Logitech Craft keyboard which offers a premium typing experience. We spend a lot of time in front of our keyboards so having a high-quality product like Craft makes working and playing a pleasure. The wireless Logitech Craft keyboard has an impressive design and …

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Audi SQ7 TDI performance SUV review – style, performance and technology under the hood


Audi has produced a powerhouse with its new flagship SQ7 TDI SUV that delivers on style, performance, innovation, features and its impressive on-board technology. The Audi SQ7 is a 48-volt mild hybrid with an all-new 4.0 V8 TDI engine that delivers 320kW of power. And it sounds like it too. When we were driving it for the first time the sound of the rumbling engine …

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Netflix and woof? Why Australians love to binge watch with their pets


How much do you love your pet? If you’ve got a cat or dog, they’re part of the family and have also become our viewing partners when we’re bingeing the latest shows from Netflix. On the eve of International Pet Today, Netflix has released some surprising details about our viewing habits – with our pets. They are already great companions and like to be near …

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HTC U11 Life review – the mid-level smartphone that’s just right


HTC’s U11 Life is one of those devices that certainly grabs your attention. It has an impressive design, a host of great features and an affordable price which makes it a compelling offering for customers. Tech Guide has been test driving the U11 Life for a little while now and it’s “just right” in so many areas. It has a “just right” screen size at …

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Apple sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad review – more bang for your buck with Apple Pencil support


Apple’s sixth generation iPad is a leap forward even from the previous model thanks to a faster processor and support for Apple Pencil which previously only worked with the more expensive iPad Pro. Unveiled by Apple at last week’s education event in Chicago, the new 9.7-inch iPad now has even more impressive abilities. And despite being targeted at education, it is a device everyone can …

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Cocoon Create 3D Printer Touch review – an affordable 3D printer that’s ideal for beginners


Many people interested in purchasing a 3D printer have been put off by the high prices but now there’s an affordable product available from Aldi priced at under $500 that can open up a whole new world of creation. The Cocoon Create 3D Printer Touch is priced at $499 (we’ve seen it’s been reduced even further to $449) and Tech Guide put it through its …

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Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone review – an excellent device with a truly brilliant camera


The Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t look too different from the outside but there’s still a lot to be excited about with this new device including one of the best cameras ever seen on a smartphone. Samsung’s promotions ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ promised “The Camera. Reimagined” – and boy did it deliver. The camera onboard the S9 and the even …

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Dyson Cyclone V10 cord-free stick vacuum review – smaller, lighter but with more suction

arm holding product towards camera, high camera angle, combination tool in large scale, showing its power as fine dirt particles and dust are being sucked up.

Dyson has just introduced the world’s most powerful cord-free stick vacuum cleaner – the Cyclone V10. Remarkably it has 20 per cent more suction despite being smaller and lighter than V8. The company has so much confidence in its cord free vacuum technology, it has actually decided to stop making corded vacuum products. Tech Guide has been testing the new Dyson Cyclone V10 for the …

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AlcoSense Verity personal breathalyser review – the device that can save your licence and your life


There aren’t many tech products that just might be able to save your life or the life of others. The AlcoSense Verity personal breathalyser could certainly be one of them. The compact device can provide highly accurate readings of your blood alcohol concentration – in the same way the police can in a random breath test by the side of the road. It can tell …

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Amazon Echo speakers review – the power of Alexa to control your life, your music and your home


When you invest in an Amazon Echo speaker, you’re not just getting the hardware in the deal but the entire Amazon ecosystem which allows you to take control of your life, your music and the devices in your home. There are three products in the range –  the Echo Dot ($79), the Echo ($149) and the Echo Plus ($229) which all have varying degrees of …

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Wireless Powerbank review – one of the most versatile portable batteries you can own


We’ve seen lots of portable batteries but none have been as versatile as this new portable light weight Qi wireless charger that works with the latest iPhones and Samsung devices. The Wireless Powerbank has a 10,000mAh battery on board so it can recharge an average smartphone two or three times on the move. It’s about the same size as the iPhone X and is available …

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Apple HomePod review – stunning speaker combining intelligence of Siri and Apple Music


Apple has packed a lot of innovative technology into its new HomePod speaker so your music sounds amazing – but it’s also smart speaker and can also control your smart home accessories as well. The timing of Apple’s HomePod release (it was originally due to land in December but was delayed till February) came at an interesting time when we already had Google Home and …

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Netgear X4S Tri-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender review – extend your network at the press of a button


One of the most popular questions we are asked here at Tech Guide is how to improve wi-fi networks in certain parts of the home. The new Netgear Nighthawk X4S tri-band wi-fi range extender is an impressive solution. It is the world’s first tri-band wall plug wi-fi range extender which can boost your existing network using mesh technology like that found in Netgear’s Orbi routers. …

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Salli Saddle Chair review – combine sitting and standing to maintain a better posture


We all spend a lot of time sitting down and have been told this is an unhealthy practice. Standing desks were the first solution for that but now there’s another – it’s the Salli saddle chair. The Salli saddle chair allows you to combine sitting with standing and also allows you to avoid the negative aspects of both. Whether at work, driving our car or …

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