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Audiofly Bluetooth earphone review – quality and value in the whole range


You know how they say we should buy Australian? Now you can gladly do that when buying Bluetooth earphones so you can experience surprising audio quality with home-grown brand Audiofly. The new range of locally designed and engineered earphones brings Audiofly’s expertise in professional music to customers who want to enjoy their music on the go. The Perth-based company has come up with a range …

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Netgear Powerline Wi-Fi review – the range extender that uses your power lines


Improving connectivity in our home is always an important mission for customers everywhere and Netgear has introduced a product that utilises your power lines for a fast connection. The Netgear Powerline Wi-Fi is a simple plug-in solution that uses your home’s electrical wiring to link to your modem or router. The product consists of two adapters – a powerline adapter that connects to your modem …

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Call of Duty: WWII game review – unforgettable action and realism


Call of Duty WWII is the latest instalment of the blockbuster franchise and it has gone back to its roots with a stunning game set in the European theatre of the Second World War. The game’s storyline follows the progress of the allies from the unforgettable storming of the beach in Normandy and doing battle all the way to Paris and into Germany. COD: WWII …

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Nespresso Vertuo review – high-tech coffee machine to make your perfect brew


We know Nespresso as the creator of portioned coffee in pods that allows customers to make quality espresso at home. Now Nespresso has introduced Vertuo – a new way to make great-tasting coffee. Nespresso’s popularity is a combination of its pods and range of machines designed to extract decent coffee. But now the company is taking that to the next level with Vertuo – a …

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Fitbit Ionic sport watch review – sleek design and great workout companion


Fitbit has made quite a name for itself and dominated the fitness tracker market but now the company has moved into the smartwatch space with the impressive new Fitbit Ionic. The device brings most of the features and data from the excellent Fitbit app and brings them to your wrist in living colour. And like the Fitbit trackers, Ionic can count your steps, tell you …

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Why Aussie cricket fans will want to get their hands on The Goldie

Former Australian cricket legend Adam Gilchrist (middle) hangs with cricket fans Nick Loutkovsky, Gareth Smith, Peter Reylolds and Luke Murnane as they try out the new XXXX "Goldie" hat, available this summer. Pic Jono Searle for "The Photo Pitch"

You’ve heard of the famous baggy green cap? Now with the cricket season fast approaching you can get your hands on The Goldie – a tech-enabled cap designed to bring people together and give them the chance to win great prizes. Created by XXXX Gold, The Goldie has a small iBeacon module inside the cap’s lining that can detect other Goldies that are in range …

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Floodlight Cam review – security and convenience


The Ring doorbell has made it possible to answer your front door from anywhere and now, it is even better, with the release of Ring Video Doorbell 2 and the Ring Floodlight Camera. Ring offers convenience and security so you can literally keep an eye on whoever is at your door and on your property. The original Ring was excellent but the Ring Doorbell 2 is …

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Jaybird RUN earphone review – excellent audio quailty and wire free


Cables are quickly becoming a thing of the past when it comes to earphones. And the new Jaybird RUN earphones have no cables at all. Not even between the two small earbuds. Jaybird says these earphones were designed and built for runners but they can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates good audio and doesn’t want to get tangled up in cables. Each of the …

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Meet Sphero Mini – the golf ball-size robot you can drive with your face


Sphero has unveiled the Mini – the company’s smallest app-enabled robotic ball – that is still packed with features and entertaining abilities despite its much smaller size. Sphero Mini is about the size of a golf ball and you can drive it, play games and even use it as a video game controller. The tech that drives the regular Sphero ball robots has been packed …

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Braven Stryde 360 Bluetooth speaker review – rugged and affordable


If you and your friends want to hear some music through a portable speaker you want everyone to be able to hear it clearly wherever they are and that’s exactly what you get with the Braven Stryde 360. The cylindrical Braven Stryde 360 sounds good no matter where the speaker is sitting thanks to the high-fidelity drivers and passive dual radiators which have been custom …

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Apple 4K TV review – your gateway to stunning movies and TV shows in 4K HDR


Apple TV has moved to the next level by offering access to stunning 4K content just as customers are buying more 4K Ultra High Definition televisions than ever before. The new Apple TV 4K is a truly impressive device which puts the latest movies, TV shows, and apps right at our fingertips. But customers will benefit from all the work Apple has done behind-the-scenes with …

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Zus Smart Tyre Safety Monitor review – drive safer and save money on fuel


Zus, the company that brought us the Smart Car Charger, is back with another product for your car – the Smart Tyre Safety Monitor – which can offer a safer driving experience and save you money on fuel. The Smart Tyre Safety Monitor comes with four pressure sensors that can provide real-time monitoring of each tyre’s pressure. It pairs with your smart phone and the …

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Navdy Head Up Display review – reinvents the way we drive and connect


Driving in this age of smartphones and connectivity it’s important to keep our eyes on the road and our hands off our devices and the Navdy Head Up Display can help you do just that. The device sits on the dashboard in front of your steering wheel and projects all the relevant information for your vehicle, communication and navigation onto a small screen that’s in …

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