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Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Take a look at the shows Australians binged on Netflix in 2017

It’s been a big year for bingeing. Netflix has just released a range of stats and information about the most popular shows that had us devouring, bonding, saving and cheating.

Bingeing has become a popular habit but do you know the most popular day of the year for bingeing?
It’s January 1. That’s right, New Year’s Day. Evan at the very start of the year, viewers are going to town.

We know there are a lot of viewers who don’t mind rewatching their favourite show or movie.

Fun fact – someone in Australia watched the movie Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted 352 times in 2017. That’s almost every day for a year.

Now on to the most watched shows – there are four lists.

These include Most Devoured shows, Savoured shows, Cheatworthy shows and shows that are watched together.

DEVOURED SHOWS – shows we spent more than two hours watching per day

  1. Greenleaf
  2. American Vandal
  3. Suburra: Blood on Rome
  4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
  5. 13 Reasons Why
  6. Anne with an E
  7. Riverdale
  8. The Keepers
  9. The OA
  10. Cable Girls

SAVOURED SHOWS – shows we spent less than two hours a day watching.

  1. The Crown
  2. Neo Yokia
  3.  You Me Her
    You Me Her
    You Me Her
  4. Ultimate Beastmaster
  5. ASOUE
  6.  GLOW
  7.   Friends from College
  8. El Chapo
  9. Ozark
  10. Atypical

CHEATWORTHY SHOWS – shows that people watched ahead on their own.

  1. Orange is the New Black
  2. Narcos
  3. Stranger Things
  4. 13 Reasons Why
  5. Riverdale
  6. Sense8
  7. Star Trek Discovery
  8. The Crown
  9. Ozark
  10. The Good Place

WATCH TOGETHER – the shows that brought us together

  1. Stranger Things
  2. 13 Reasons Why
  3. Riverdale
  4. ASOUE
  5. Star Trek Discovery
    Stranger Things
    Stranger Things
  6. Gilmore Girls: AYITL
  7. The Good Place
  8. Fuller House
  9. Anne with an E
  10. Trollhunters







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