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NBN tops customer complaints list to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman


Australian consumers and businesses have hammered the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman with a staggering 158,016 complaints in the last financial year about their mobile, landline and internet services. That’s an increase of 41.1 per cent over the previous year, according to the TIO’s annual report which was released today. It’s the highest level of complaints since 2012/2013. And for the first time it was complaints about …

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Security crack makes every wi-fi device vulnerable – everything you need to know


The security to protect the connection between a wireless network and computers, smartphones and tablets has been breached and could leave every wi-fi device wide open to hackers. The WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol, used to protect basically every secure wi-fi network in the world, has been cracked according to security expert Mathy Vanhoef who found a vulnerability. This bug is known as KRACK – …

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Fake Apple ID pop ups could steal your password and credit card details


iPhone and iPad users could have their Apple account passwords and credit card details stolen with a fake login pop up that can easily be generated by a malicious iOS app. Developers have the ability to create this pop up that looks just like the official Apple sign-in method. This “phishing” attack – a method to lure users into volunteering their passwords by thinking it’s …

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The questions we’re asking after seeing the new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer


The spectacular new trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi has been released and it has tantalized fans with some interesting plot lines and character developments from a galaxy far, far away. The Episode XIII trailer runs for 2 minutes and 23 seconds and reveals some remarkable scenes and possible story directions. For as much as it has shown, it has also raised many questions …

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Foxtel unveils new broadband pricing and expands NBN services


Foxtel has overhauled pricing for its high performance broadband, including NBN, for new and existing customers that’s designed to deliver its TV services as well as high speed broadband. And the good news for existing Platinum HD customers is the offer of the Unlimited Broadband plan with home phone for an additional $65 a month with no lock in contract. The other upside for Foxtel …

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Get a high speed internet connection in your apartment with Freedom Internet


Apartment living has its perks but having fast broadband is often not one of them. But Freedom Internet can be the solution to the problem by offering a high-speed connection to all apartment residents. Whether it’s a development or an existing building, Freedom Internet can take advantage of the local infrastructure like fibre or the NBN and bring it to your building at no cost. …

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Why Twitter is experimenting with expanding tweets to 280 characters


Everyone can relate to trying to cram their thoughts in a single tweet with a 140 character limit. Twitter is experimenting with doubling that to 280 characters among a small group of people. Certain languages, including English, are impacted trying to cram what they want to say in a single 140-character tweet. According to Twitter’s analysis, there are a number of phonetic languages (like English) …

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eBay Australia celebrates 18th birthday with a huge sale and new features


eBay started in Australia 18 years ago and to celebrate its coming-of-age it has released some fascinating research and launched three new innovations to deliver an even better shopping experience. eBay will be continuing the celebrations with shoppers receiving significant discounts from 6pm today (Thursday September 21) with its biggest ever site-wide sale. Major stores on eBay will be offering 18 per cent off all …

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Why singer Avril Lavigne is the most dangerous celebrity on the internet


Musician Avril Lavigne has been ranked as the most dangerous celebrity to search for on the internet because it could expose you to malicious websites and malware, according to the latest research by McAfee. Shrewd cyber criminals use our interest in celebrities to drive people to sites that are designed to install malware and steal personal information and passwords. This is the eleventh year McAfee …

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Subscription video on demand surging but free-to-air TV is sinking


Subscription video on demands services have exploded in the last 12 months with almost half of all customers saying they are rarely watching free-to-air TV anymore, according to a study by analyst firm Telsyte. There are now more than 3.7 million subscribers in Australia which is a year-on-year increase of 30 per cent. The Telsyte research of the Australian SVOD market shows almost half the …

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Winter has come! HBO hackers steal unaired episodes of Game of Thrones


SPOILER ALERT!! Game of Thrones fans will be horrified to hear the show’s broadcaster HBO has been hacked with 1.4 terabytes of data taken including unaired episodes and scripts from the hit show. The hackers claimed to have obtained Game of Thrones episodes and other unaired HBO shows including Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The brazen criminals even sent an anonymous email to the …

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NBN launches educational campaign to combat customer confusion


The NBN has launched a new national campaign to address the confusion about the network after it was revealed many didn’t know the speeds they’re receiving or unaware they could choose their speed to begin with. New research has revealed that most Australians (76 per cent) weren’t aware of their current Internet speeds while more than a third (35 per cent) were in the dark …

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Foxtel explains what caused the Game of Thrones crash


Foxtel has explained why the Foxtel Now service buckled under the weight of Game of Thrones viewers flocking to the service to watch the highly-anticipated first episode of Season 7. The late rush of customers subscribing to Foxtel Now and others upgrading to the Drama Pack is what brought the system to its knees. Foxtel has unreservedly apologised to the customers affected by the outage …

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Foxtel Now collapses under the weight of eager Game of Thrones viewers


Foxtel Now has fallen victim to its most popular show Game of Thrones as eager fans desperate to watch the first episode of the Season 7 brought the streaming service to a standstill. In this statement at 11PM, Foxtel said Game of Thrones had caused technical glitches around the world with online sites in the US, Latin America and Australia being forced off line. US …

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Customers slams Telstra in Choice internet satisfaction survey


Just how satisfied are you with your internet connection? Not very satisfied at all if the Choice internet satisfaction survey of Australian customers is anything to go by with Telstra performing poorly in the results. Australians complained about dropouts, connection issues, disconnections and slow speeds in the last six months. “Our satisfaction survey asks ADSL, Cable and NBN customers to rate their internet retailer on …

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New Petya ransomware attack hits Europe and reaches Australia


An aggressive new ransomware called Petya has emerged which is potentially more damaging than the WannaCry cyber-attack that crippled computers around the world and brought businesses to a standstill. This new ransomware has made its mark in Europe and has already been seen in Australia. Is believed a global legal firm with offices in Australia have been affected with staff told computer systems will be …

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Intel and International Olympic Committee sign technology partnership


Intel and the International Olympic Committee have announced a partnership to bring the latest technology including VR, 3D and 360-degree content to the Olympic Games through 2024. Intel will now be considered an Olympic partner after the long-term technology deal was signed in New York. The first showcase of Intel’s technology will be seen at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang in South Korea …

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