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HP unveils backpack PC to take virtual reality to another level

HP is taking virtual reality in a new direction after unveiling the world’s first professional wearable VR computer to improve immersive customer experiences and training simulations.

The HP Z VR Backpack has the potential to enable even more powerful virtual reality solutions for enterprises, businesses and entertainment.

The device is worn like a backpack to give the user freedom to move and maintain complete immersion.

The HP Z VR Backpack can also be docked and used as a powerful desktop computer as well.

It is powered by a high-end processor – the Intel Core i7 vPro – and includes the NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU with 16GB video memory.

Virtual Reality can be used in a variety of ways – and it’s not just for playing games.


Here are the enterprise and business uses for VR:

– In medical training or heavy/large equipment operations, safe and effective simulated training that can help avoid costly mistakes in dangerous environments.

– In architectural building development, virtual walkthroughs at scale for client reviews can help quickly close the deal.

– In product development where product concepts are reviewed, and executive agreement and sign off for new product styling can be done in virtual product showrooms.

– In commercial entertainment: new location-based entertainment centres featuring exhilarating virtual reality experiences can now be realised with the HP Z VR Backpack.


“Virtual reality is changing the way people learn, communicate and create,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, Z Workstations, HP Inc.

“Making the most of this technology requires a collaborative relationship between customers and partners.


“As a leader in technology, HP is uniting powerful commercial VR solutions, including new products like the HP Z VR Backpack, with customer needs to empower VR experiences our customers can use today to reinvent the future.”

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