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New parental control devices set gaming time limits

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One concern by parents is that their children spend too much time playing computer games.

Two new products, which will go on sale in March 2012, are designed to enforce responsible and safe gaming for the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS.

The PlayStation 3 wireless controller and Nintendo Protective casing have built-in controls where parent can set time limits and enforce breaks between games.  

The amount of time children spend inside playing computer games has become a cause for concern for many parents.

These new products will encourage their kids to enjoy their games in moderation in session lengths set by the parent.


PlayStation 3 Wireless JoyStick

It might look like a regular PS3 controller but with a slight difference.

For a start there’s a small LCD screen which makes it easy to adjust the settings on the device.

The PS3 Wireless Joystick with parental controls. It includes a small LCD screen to set a password and set time limits for play time

Parents can set a master password to control the device and then set and playing time limit.

At the end of that alotted time the joystick turns itself off and can only be unlocked again with the password.

The device works just like a regular PS3 controller and is powered by two AA batteries.

It connects wirelessly to the PlayStation 3 wirelessly with a USB dongle which is plugged into the console.

The PS3 Wireless Joystick has all the same controls as a regular PS3 controller

The Nintendo 3DS Parental Control Case

The Nintendo 3DS sits neatly inside this case and is attached to the device with two screws.

Parents can set a time limit using a removable programming key with a snmall panel showing the amount of play time remaining.

The Parental Control 3DS comes with a programming key which is used to set limits on game time

One other thing this product can do is detect if your child is too close to the screen.

Once the time limit is reached the game being played automatically exits and can be restarted when the programming key is re-inserted.

Both of these products will be available in Australia through Bluemouth Interactive from March 2012.

The Parental Control 3DS case comes with an SD card and programming key

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