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4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray Discs coming to a home theatre near you
Written on May 22, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

More and more people are buying 4K Ultra High Definition TVs and there’s even greater demand for native 4K content. The good news is it’s coming with a brand new Ultra HD Blu-ray disc format. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has completed the specifications of Ultra High Definition Blu-ray and also released the new format’s […]

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Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 209 takes a fun look at the latest tech news and products
Written on May 21, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 209, with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long, dissects the week’s tech news and products in a fun and informative way. On this week’s show, our thoughts on the Apple Watch after wearing it for a month, Trackimo – the new tiny GPS tracking device and US […]

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Apple adds Force Touch to 15-inch MacBook Pro and offers cheaper iMac with Retina 5K
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Apple has quietly updated its 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display with a new Force Touch trackpad and released a new cheaper iMac with Retina 5K display. The refreshed models appeared on Apple’s online store this week and are available to ship in 1-3 business days. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and […]

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LG unveils wafer thin OLED panel that sticks to the wall like a fridge magnet
Written on By Stephen Fenech

LG has showcased its expertise in the exciting new OLED (organic light emitting diode) television format with a panel that can stick to a wall like a fridge magnet. The company is leading the market in OLED development and it has just unveiled a new 55-inch “wallpaper” panel that is just 0.97mm thick and weighs […]

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Apple releases first software update for Apple Watch
Written on May 20, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Apple has released the first software update for the Apple Watch less than a month after it went on sale for some bug fixes and performance improvements. Watch OS 1.01 update can be downloaded and installed through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Apple Watch needs to be within the Bluetooth range of 10 […]

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President Barack Obama creates his own @POTUS Twitter account
Written on May 19, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

After more than six years in the White House, President Barack Obama has finally been able to create his very own Twitter account with the handle @POTUS. Obama sent his first tweet using a White House iPhone from the Oval Office instead of his personal highly secure BlackBerry device. His first tweet read: “Hello Twitter! […]

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Time to tune in to Tech Guide Episode 148 for the latest news and reviews
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Stay updated and educated with the latest tech new and reviews with Episode 148 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech. On this week’s show, the first look at the new Steve Jobs film, the new drone that will follow you and make you the star of your own video and […]

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Here’s the first look at the new Steve Jobs movie
Written on May 18, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Take a look at this first glimpse of the new Steve Jobs movie – written by Aaron Sorkin and starring Michael Fassbender as the visionary Apple co-founder and CEO. Based on Walter Isaacson’s official biography and directed by Academy Award winner Danny Boyle, Steve Jobs is reportedly set against the backdrop of three major Apple […]

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Meet Lily – the drone that can fly itself and follow you for the ultimate selfie
Written on May 15, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

The drone has been re-imagined with the introduction of Lily – the new flying camera that pilots itself and follows you so you can be the star of your own video. There is no remote control with Lily but rather a sensor that you wear on your wrist or keep in your pocket while you’re […]

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Warning issued to public after the latest email scam
Written on May 14, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

There are lots of ways hackers and cyber criminals have tried to defraud people with “phishing” emails that look like they’ve been sent from real companies and institutions. The latest scam is disguised as an Australia Federal Police traffic infringement. These bogus fine notices surfaced in late April and ask for payment for an on-road […]

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Panasonic unveils its impressive range of 2015 Viera 4K UHD smart TVs
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Panasonic has unveiled its 2015 line-up of smart TVs boasting a new number of new features and with a focus on quality and design across the entire range. The company’s approach to the smart TV is quality without compromise. Panasonic, through its cameras and production equipment, has been part of the production process from the […]

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Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 208 for the latest product news and reviews
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 208, with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long, presents the latest tech news and reviews in a fun and informative way. On this week’s show: the Federal Budget and its effect on the tech world, just how good is a company’s customer service and Telstra introduce shared […]

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Consumer study reveals the alarming results of poor customer service
Written on May 13, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Buying and using shiny new technology is one thing but what happens to these customers when things go wrong and they need help? Not all companies are cutting it in the customer service department. A study by LogMeIn and Ovum reveals that what users expect from customer service and what they actually get are poles […]

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Stan now available to view through Apple TV
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Stan, the subscription video on demand service and joint venture between Channel Nine and Fairfax Media, is now available to view directly through Apple TV. Stan was originally offered as an app on mobile devices and available on your computer’s web browser while still allowing viewers to stream the content to your TV. But now, […]

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How the Federal Budget will affect the tech world
Written on By Stephen Fenech

The Federal Budget has been handed down and there are a few changes that will be felt in the tech world including a tax on digital products and crackdown on companies who have avoided paying tax in Australia. There will now be a GST on foreign companies selling digital products and services in Australia like […]

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Get the latest tech news and reviews with Episode 147 of the Tech Guide podcast
Written on May 12, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Friends, lend me your ears for Episode 147 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech, so you can stay updated and educated about the latest consumer technology news and reviews. On this week’s show: Telstra offers Go Mobile shared mobile plans, iPhone reducing the gap between iOS and Android and the […]

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How Telstra’s new Go Mobile shared plans work for families and businesses
Written on May 11, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Telstra has come to the party with shared plans from a single account with its new line-up of Go Mobile plans designed to create packages that suit the needs of a family or business. The new Go Mobile, Go Mobile Casual and Go Business Mobile plans can offer as much as 16GB per month which […]

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Why Apple’s iPhones are gaining ground on Android smartphone market share
Written on May 8, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Apple’s iPhone market share is closing the gap on Android following the release of the latest smartphone sales data for the first quarter of 2015 from Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. In Australia, iOS growth was 5.3 per cent year-on-year to 38.4 per cent of the market to the end of March 2015 while Android’s share has […]

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Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 207 – the fun way to catch up on the latest tech news
Written on May 7, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

If you want to hear the latest tech news in a fun and informative way, it’s time to tune on to Episode 207 of Two Blokes Talking Tech with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long. On this week’s show: Apple has reveals the rules for third party manufacturers to create Apple Watch […]

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LG unveils its latest range of ultra-wide monitors and mini projectors
Written on By Stephen Fenech

LG has unveiled is new line up of monitors and mini projectors designed to display the content from your PC and mobile devices on a much larger scale. With an impressive line-up of TVs, LG knows a thing or two about making a display and it has brought those smarts to the new monitor and […]

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