Take a tour of the latest tech with Episode 234 of Two Blokes Talking Tech
Written on November 27, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Episode 234 of the top-rating Two Blokes Talking Tech, with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long, covers the biggest tech news of the week and the hottest products. In this week’s show, the Facebook scams you need to watch out for and the true cost of cybercrime, smart TVs become the latest […]

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Why your smart TV is the latest target for hackers – and what you can do about it
Written on November 26, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

With the growing number of connected devices in our homes the number of threats from hackers and cyber criminals are on the rise and the latest object in their sights is your smart TV. Smart TVs are in huge demand and will be a popular item this summer and customers will be connecting them to […]

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Google unveils some cool Star Wars surprises for fans
Written on November 25, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Google has revealed some big surprises for true Star Wars fans to celebrate the highly-anticipated release of the blockbuster film Episode VII The Force Awakens next month. There are some nice Easter eggs that Google has created that tap into some iconic elements of the films. If you’re a Star Wars fan – they will […]

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Norton reveals the alarming cost of cyber crime
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Norton by Symantec has revealed some startling findings following the release of the internet security company’s Cybersecurity Insights Report that outlines the real cost of online crime. According to the study, nine out of 10 Australians worry about being affected by cybercrime. And 66 per of respondents think their credit card information is more likely […]

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Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech in the Logitech labs checking out the company's new gaming headphones
Get your fix of the latest tech news and reviews with Tech Guide Episode 175
Written on November 24, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Tune in to Episode 175 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech who keeps his listeners updated and educated about the latest tech news and reviews. On this week’s show, the hottest tech products we can expect to see this Christmas according to eBay, Alcatel OneTouch takes third place in the […]

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Connectivity for Australian households set to explode with faster internet
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Our appetite for connectivity and devices is set to dramatically increase within the next five years as more households are connected to faster broadband, according to the latest research by Telsyte. Internet Uninterrupted: Australians Households of the Connected Future was a report commissioned by the NBN and developed by Telsyte. It predicts Australian households will […]

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Alcatel OneTouch takes number three spot in Australian mobile handset sales
Written on November 21, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Alcatel OneTouch, the company that offers feature packed smartphones at an affordable price, has claimed the number three spot in the Australian handset market behind Samsung and Apple. According to the latest industry data from IDC for quarter three (July-September) 2015, Alcatel OneTouch was third in smartphone sales by volume and second in feature phone […]

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Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 233 for all the tech news that matters
Written on November 20, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

It’s an international edition for Episode 233 of the top-rating Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast, with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long who discuss the hottest tech topics of the week. With Stephen in London and Trevor in Sydney, the blokes this week discuss the start of Apple Pay in Australia, the […]

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eBay predicts the hottest tech products for Christmas 2015
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Some of the most popular products for Christmas 2015 will be technology products according to research revealed by the eBay Innovation Labs and the online shopping site’s own data. And these results are also backed up by eBay itself with 200 per cent increase in demand over the last 12 months whether it’s the Star […]

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Buy your smoothie with SmartBottle and you can leave your wallet at home
Written on November 19, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

We’ve already seen its SmartCup but Australian innovation company Frank Green has come up with a new product – the SmartBottle  - that is environmentally-friendly and functional. Like SmartCup, the SmartBottle has a chip embedded in the lid to allow users to pay for their juice or smoothie with a single swipe. The reusable product […]

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How LockSmart has brought the humble padlock into the 21st century
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Australian tech company Dog & Bone has reinvented the humble key and combination padlock and brought it into the 21st century with an all-new patented Bluetooth device called LockSmart. LockSmart is a tough, all-weather padlock that uses your smartphone as the key via Bluetooth. Users can now have keyless access to one or multiple LockSmart […]

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20th Century Fox releases Star Wars steelbook limited editions of each film
Written on November 18, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Star Wars fans are counting the days until the new film A Force Awakens hits theatres a month from today but for those who want to catch up with the earlier iconic movies, 20th Century Fox has released limited editions of all six episodes. The special individual steelbook editions include a Blu-ray copy of the films […]

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Listen to Tech Guide Episode 174 for the latest tech news and product reviews
Written on November 17, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Episode 174 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech, is ready to stream or download now for the latest tech news and hottest product reviews. On this week’s show, the SkinVision app which has the potential to save your life, Microsoft’s Sydney flagship store opens and we talk to Microsoft’s Travis […]

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Why the SkinVision app has the potential to save your life
Written on November 16, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

There aren’t many apps that have the potential to save your life but the SkinVision app that can help users check themselves for melanoma and skin cancer symptoms, can certainly make that claim. SkinVision, available for iPhone and Samsung Android smartphones, was developed in Europe and has been certified for use in Australia. It allows […]

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David Hasselhoff changes his name in Amaysim marketing stunt
Written on November 14, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

TV legend David Hasselhoff has caused a stir on social media after announcing that he changed his name to David Hoff before it was revealed it was part of an Amaysim marketing campaign. The Hoff tweeted that is was “Big news for me and a massive relief for me” and also said in an accompanying […]

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Garmin unveils the Index Smart Scale – and it doesn’t just measure your weight
Written on November 13, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Garmin, a brand we associate with connected fitness and sporting watches and wearables, has unveiled the Index Smart Scale – a connected device that can help users reach their health and fitness goals. The Index Smart Scale can not only tell you your weight but it can also measure Body Mass Index (BMI), water percentage, […]

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Apple apologises to African-born students ejected from store
Written on By Stephen Fenech

Apple has apologised to six teenagers who were ejected from the company’s store in the Highpoint shopping centre in Melbourne allegedly on suspicion that they might steal something. The black students, who were from Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Egypt and Eritrea moved to Australia as children, accused Apple of treating them differently because of the colour […]

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Lend us your ears for Episode 232 of Two Blokes Talking Tech
Written on November 12, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

If you want a fun yet informative look at the biggest tech news of the week you need to tune in to Episode 232 of the Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long. On this week’s show, the blokes discuss the new iPad Pro and the sort […]

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Microsoft Sydney flagship store opens to huge crowds
Written on By Stephen Fenech

The new Sydney Microsoft flagship store is open for business after opened today in the busy Pitt St Mall for the first time to the cheers of hundreds of customers gathered outside and eager to be among the first to walk through the doors. Eager Microsoft fans packed into the Pitt Street Mall with lines […]

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Apple Music now available for Android users – but is it the same experience?
Written on November 11, 2015 By Stephen Fenech

Apple Music is now available to Android users after the app for the music streaming service was launched in the Google Play Store to give listeners access to more than 30 million tracks in the iTunes library. Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, made the announcement on Twitter with a […]

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