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  • Claude Hamaty

    I think windows 10 is crap. Everytime I open mail and click on an email or anything it mail shuts down, anyone have a solution. Thanks Claude
    Cannot check my email as it shuts down whenever I click on an email.

  • Alan

    Hi guys,

    We are headed to the US in a couple of weeks. I want to know whats the best sim to get so we can make calls and use data whilst we are over there.

  • Garry Rynehart

    anyone know the release date of motog5plus phones plus a pricing and availability in australia

  • Matthew Langtip

    how can i pre odrder the new Samsung phone?

    • stephenfenech

      You can pre-order the phone through one of the carriers

  • IloveAustralia

    My Kasperski Antivirus is soon due for renewal. Can anyone suggest a better software or a cheaper one as good a software?

  • Peter Scope

    I have a PC with Office 365 for Windows Home (also on my iPhone and iPad) so 3 licences have been used. I am contemplating dumping the PC. Now I come from the old MS-DOS era and have been loyal to Mr Gates until Windows 10 and I hate it with a passion. Am I coping with it, yes, do I want to keep coping with it, NO.

    Nearly forgot my question. I can just download the Office 365 for Mac and use one of the licences can’t I? .The Office 365 Home subscription is independent of O/S I think. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks. Peter

  • Barry

    I have noisy inconsiderate neighbours living up stairs that play bass music all night. The music is not loud enough to call the Police and is causing a low level noise vibration. I have tried all legal avenues which have failed. I need something to interfere with their speakers during the middle of the night. Is there any device that can cause speaker interference and or is there any tech electronic genius you can refer me to.

  • Scott Leeder

    I get the Kogan specials emailed to me and I can’t believe the great pricing. My question is with the televisions that have 4K and all the bells and whistles are they going to be as good as the Samsung, LG and other well known brands?

  • Darren Dickson

    I have been using my apple email account on outlook 2016 for ages and this weekend I have been stopped by the apple 2 level authentication process, I have been onto my I-cloud account but I dont want to have to double up the workload for everybody just so I can use my Samsung phone with my office products and outlook

    It is also playing havoc with my windows pc – burn apple burn

    please help

  • Frances Vumbaca

    Hi just wondering which overseas Samsung galaxyS 5 model will work on optus network in Australia. Can you just purchase one on ebay and use in Australia. thanks

    • stephenfenech

      Yes you can and they will work but being from overseas you’re not covered by Samsung’s Australian warranty. Why don’t you just but a Samsung phone in Australia – that your warranty is valid and the device has been optimised for Australia as well.

  • saile

    I have been using Hauwei mate 9 dual Sim for almost a year and reception or the signal is awesome,but I disliked the Hauwei software,so I bought the Note 8,excellent phone,fast, easy to handle even though it is large but the issues I have, are the drop out calls and screen is so sensitive as soon the screen hits my face the call drops out and the reception or Signal is terrible. Steve what could be the problem with the Note 8? .

  • Ben Murray

    Hisense N7 55 compared to Samsung MU7000 55 – I’m sure its been asked before..but are they comparable in regards to quality, design and value for $? I’m leaning towards the Hisense as it keeps getting great reviews. Are there any glaring differences to think about?

  • Mary Sultana

    as we get older, we need mobile phones to ring for at least 60 seconds.

  • Futing

    Hello, can you tell me do you accept guest post? Thank you. 🙂

  • Joe

    I found it interesting, your discussion today on 2GB concerning Optus and the 2000 mbps they will be offering under 5G. It might be a surprise that right now, Optus via cable are delivering 0.5 mbps to my house in Hornsby. THATS RIGHT 1/2 a mbps !!!!. Optus are so crap, and they have admitted it, the only solution they have is to say “Feel free to find another provider”. I have this in an email from them. So pls think twice about spruiking Optus. They promise big but deliver rubbish. Don’t tell us whats coming in 2 years. I cant get more than 2 mbps in 2018 in Sydney !!!!!!

  • Glen Hooke

    is there a problem with your forum?

    When I click the ‘Forums’ links, I just get a blank page.

    Tried all browsers