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Should you be worried the CIA is spying on you through your device


There’s been lots of hysteria since WikiLeaks latest data dump yesterday which claimed the CIA could break into computers, phones and even smart TVs and spy on you. So should you be worried? The authenticity of the documents can’t be confirmed but they detail how the CIA have allegedly developed tools to break onto iOS devices – that’s iPhones and iPads – as well as …

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What we can expect from Samsung after putting the Note7 dramas behind it


After enduring several woeful (and costly) months dealing with the Galaxy Note7 issues, Samsung revealed the causes and can now put the episode behind it – but where does the company go from here? The Galaxy Note7 was hailed as the most advanced smartphone ever produced when it was launched in August but it wasn’t long before the battery overheating issues began and eventually doomed …

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Why porn gaffe with Jarryd Hayne was a good demonstration of online dangers


The pornography gaffe involving Norton ambassador and league star Jarryd Hayne was embarrassing to say the least but what it did was actually dramatically demonstrate the online dangers we’re all facing. I was at Robina State High School on the Gold Coast at the invitation of Norton – our Tech Guide podcast sponsor – to see the session run by Norton’s Nick Savvides and co-hosted …

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After the Galaxy Note7 disaster – here’s what Samsung needs to do


Samsung’s decision to end the production of the embattled Galaxy Note7 was a brave one. It is foreign territory for the company which, until now, has been used to success. But where does it go from here? The birth and death of the Galaxy Note7 after such a short time has never seen before in the smartphone industry. First of all, this was Samsung, the global …

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Will we miss the headphone jack now it’s been removed from the iPhone 7


What got the most attention with the launch of the new iPhone 7 wasn’t what was added to the device but rather what was taken away – the 3.5mm headphone jack. But are we really going to miss it? During the presentation showcasing the iPhone 7’s features, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller said it took a lot courage to delete the jack that has …

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Why Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 recall couldn’t have come at a worse time


Samsung’s global recall of its new flagship Galaxy Note7 couldn’t have come at worse time for the electronics giant and it could be a body blow to its position as the number one global smartphone brand. While Apple unveils its new iPhone in a few days, Samsung will be dealing with a massive recall of the Note7. In this competitive market, the battle at the …

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The unforgettable day I stepped inside the world of the Rocky films


There are not many 40-year-old films that have lasted the test of time and still have a huge fan-base all these years later. The original Rocky film – the winner of the 1976 Oscar for Best Picture – is one of those films. This is a tale of a down-on-his-luck boxer whose million to one shot at the title made him prove to himself that …

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Is technology helping the standard of NRL refereeing? ABSOLUTELY NOT


If you need any more evidence that the NRL bunker and the technology they are using is ruining the game of rugby league, then take a look at the howler of a decision to deny Souths winger Joe Burgess what seemed like a perfectly fair try in the match against Manly. Video referee Ashley Klein looks like getting sacked for the farcical decision, and rightly …

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Is the latest Telstra campaign enough to repair the company’s brand?


After seven outages in six months and facing the wrath of thousands customers, Telstra has kicked off a fluffy new TV campaign that’s designed to rebuild the brand to its former greatness. And on the latest Telstra Exchange Blog, written by Joe Pollard Telstra’s group executive of media and marketing, it talks about the “next evolution of Telstra’s brand”. But is this enough for angry …

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Second Telstra outage hits customers in as many months. What is going on?


For the second time in as many months, Telstra customers have been affected by a nationwide outage that has left customers frustrated and looking for answers. How could this happen to the nation’s biggest telco again? On February 9, Telstra’s network vanished for hours, leaving customers high and dry and without a connection to the cellular network or the internet. On that occasion Telstra’s woes …

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When will Mitchell Pearce learn – there is ALWAYS someone watching


Roosters captain Mitchell Pearce is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons after being filmed attempting to kiss a girl, performing a lewd act on a dog and then urinating on a couch. When are NRL players going to learn that they can’t act like morons in public because every single person with a smartphone is a potential journalist who could end …

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Parents ignoring game ratings run risk of exposing their child to sex and violence


The latest computer games will be on lots of wish lists this Christmas but parents run the risk of exposing their children to graphic violence and even explicit sex because they haven’t paid attention to the game’s rating. Just like films, all computer games have a rating from G for General Audiences all the way up to R18+ for Restricted Audiences. But, from our conversations …

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Viewing guide for Star Wars newbies who want to watch the older movies


With the highly-anticipated The Force Awakens about to open in cinemas there will be a lot of newcomers to the Star Wars universe who will want to catch up on the older movies to get ready. But with six episodes to get through which movies should people watch and what order should they watch them? As a die-hard (some say tragic) Star Wars fans ever …

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How the smart grid is evolving to meet our changing energy needs


There’s an expectation when you flick the light switch on or plug something into a power point – it just works. Wherever and however the power is generated, it simply makes its way to us. The presumption for most people is that’s how simply the grid has been built and how simply it works today. But scratch just below the surface and you soon realise …

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Was the Cowboys’ fairy tale Grand Final win the greatest ever moment at ANZ Stadium


When it comes to pure sporting theatre and spectacle it doesn’t get much better than the North Queensland Cowboys’ fairy tale, last gasp, come-from-behind, miracle win over the Brisbane Broncos. Fans are hailing it as the greatest grand final ever and also one of the most memorable sporting moments at ANZ Stadium – a venue that’s hosted the Olympics and countless memorable matches. Last night, …

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How my boarding pass experience with Apple Watch ran off the runway


Smartwatches are emerging as the latest growth category in technology – especially with giant companies like Apple and Samsung heavily invested in this space. But it seems the market might be moving too fast for the real world. These new wearables – especially the Apple Watch – are designed to integrate with the world around us. For travellers it’s a great accessory because it can …

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The Grand Final in High Definition? It’s about bloody time!


This year’s NRL and AFL grand finals look like they will be broadcast in high definition on their respective regular free-to-air channels. And my first’s reaction is – it’s about bloody time! Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull tabled the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Primary Television Broadcasting Service) Bill 2015 in Parliament this week. It basically allows the national and commercial free-to-air broadcasters to deliver programming on their …

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Should you be worried about your car getting hacked


It’s one thing to have your computer hacked when you’re sitting behind your desk but imagine someone comprising the computer in your car when you’re doing 100km/h on the highway. That’s exactly what happened to Wired journalist Andy Greenberg when he was driving a Jeep Cherokee on a freeway on the outskirts of St Louis. The air conditioner started blasting cold air, his radio station …

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