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Can you stay on Facebook and still keep your data safe?


Worries about privacy on Facebook is nothing new but this week they reached a new level and droves of users are contemplating leaving the social media site after it was revealed the data of 50 million Facebook users was accessed without their permission. Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm from the UK, allegedly gained access to the data using a research app called “This is …

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Texting drivers should have their licences suspended on the spot so they get the message


The subject of driver distraction has come up once again after two policemen were seriously injured when a driver ploughed into them roadside while he was texting behind the wheel. One of the officers lost part of his leg in the accident in the Sydney suburb of Leumeah. The 22-year-old had already had his licence suspended four times and was also banned from driving in …

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Losing your internet has a far greater impact on our connected lives – we found out the hard way


The saying that you only miss something when it’s gone applies even more when you’re talking about the internet. Or the lack of internet as I have experienced in my home for close to two weeks. The internet is something you take for granted at home – like electricity and water. It’s just as essential for Australian households. Until I recently I couldn’t speak more …

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Why did it take three policemen to solve a Telstra customer’s NBN issues?


How far would you be willing to go to sort out your Internet issues? One man staged a sit in at a Sydney Telstra store until police were called. But they didn’t arrest him – they actually solve his problem. The Sydney Morning Herald reports Matt Dooley, after months of battling with Telstra to get his NBN connection installed, refused to leave the store at …

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Do you think your old iPhone is getting slower? It’s not your imagination


If you’ve got an older iPhone and you think it’s slowing down – it’s not your imagination. Apple admitted it had throttled back older iPhones because they put too much strain on their ageing batteries. A Reddit post revealed benchmark tests of iPhones over time revealed processor performance decreased with battery degradation. A popular conspiracy theory is that this is a move by Apple to …

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How we took a Tesla Model X for a long drive without getting battery anxiety


We’ve heard of battery anxiety when it comes to smartphones. But what about the battery anxiety when taking a Tesla electric car on a long drive for a weekend away? This was our challenge when we drove the Tesla Model X to the Hunter Valley to attend the Midnight Oil concert at Hope Estate. We decided to make a weekend of it so we packed …

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Why our troubled NBN has turned into a massive blame game


There’s a lot of finger pointing going on when it comes to the NBN. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says it’s all Labor’s fault and that the NBN was set up the wrong way with billions of dollars wasted. And today if a customer complains about their NBN service the telco blames the NBN and the NBN blames the telco. And the customer is still stuck …

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Is Apple’s new iPhone X going to be worth the price


Since Apple unveiled the all-new iPhone X at the launch event last week the focus has been as much on the price of the deice as it has been of the new features, design and the new technology onboard. At $1,579 (64GB) and $1,829 (256GB) – the iPhone X will not only be Apple’s most expensive phones but the most expensive phone on the market. …

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Despite all the technology the NRL Bunker is still getting it wrong


There’s two things we love here at Tech Guide – tech (of course) and sport but one area where these two areas have merged with disastrous results is in the NRL bunker which this weekend saw some questionable decisions that brought some teams’ seasons to an end. The first weekend of the semi-finals has been embroiled in controversy courtesy of some questionable decisions that affected …

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Pauline Hanson’s illegal drone flight highlights our cowboy attitude to safety

Pauline Hanson flying a DJI Mavic Pro last week in Townsville

Senator Pauline Hanson flying a drone where she’s not supposed to is just one example of the cowboy attitude many people have towards flying unmanned aerial vehicles safely. The kerfuffle over Hanson’s brief flight with the DJI Mavic Pro in a built-up area in Townsville has brought to light how little many drone owners know about where they can and can’t fly. And it was …

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Why Australia’s NBN rollout has become a worldwide embarrassment


It’s a sad state of affairs when Australia is featured in the New York Times about how incompetent we are when it comes to technology. The latest report is about how we’ve bungled the NBN rollout. The previous mention was last year when the Australian Census website acted like it was the 1950s and made us the laughing stock of the world. Sadly, both of …

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Has Facebook crossed the line trying to target insecure teens for advertisers


Facebook has set the alarm bells ringing after it was revealed the social media giant was developing tools to target insecure teenagers with advertising based on their emotions. One advertiser was shown a 23-page proposal, obtained by The Australian, which claimed Facebook could detect when children as young as 14 were feeling insecure, worthless, stressed, stupid, overwhelmed, useless, defeated and serve up advertising best suited …

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Will texting bays solve the problem of drivers using their phones on the road


We all know there’s a real issue with people texting and using their mobile while they’re driving but do we really needs special texting bays on our roads to help curb the problem? That’s exactly what they’re doing in Western Australia in a special trial that will run till the end of April – designated texting bays. The West Australian Road Safety Commission came up …

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Should you be worried the CIA is spying on you through your device


There’s been lots of hysteria since WikiLeaks latest data dump yesterday which claimed the CIA could break into computers, phones and even smart TVs and spy on you. So should you be worried? The authenticity of the documents can’t be confirmed but they detail how the CIA have allegedly developed tools to break onto iOS devices – that’s iPhones and iPads – as well as …

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What we can expect from Samsung after putting the Note7 dramas behind it


After enduring several woeful (and costly) months dealing with the Galaxy Note7 issues, Samsung revealed the causes and can now put the episode behind it – but where does the company go from here? The Galaxy Note7 was hailed as the most advanced smartphone ever produced when it was launched in August but it wasn’t long before the battery overheating issues began and eventually doomed …

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Why porn gaffe with Jarryd Hayne was a good demonstration of online dangers


The pornography gaffe involving Norton ambassador and league star Jarryd Hayne was embarrassing to say the least but what it did was actually dramatically demonstrate the online dangers we’re all facing. I was at Robina State High School on the Gold Coast at the invitation of Norton – our Tech Guide podcast sponsor – to see the session run by Norton’s Nick Savvides and co-hosted …

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After the Galaxy Note7 disaster – here’s what Samsung needs to do


Samsung’s decision to end the production of the embattled Galaxy Note7 was a brave one. It is foreign territory for the company which, until now, has been used to success. But where does it go from here? The birth and death of the Galaxy Note7 after such a short time has never seen before in the smartphone industry. First of all, this was Samsung, the global …

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