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Vodafone launches NumberSync to link your Apple Watch to the mobile network


Vodafone has today launched NumberSync which allows customers to connect their Apple Watch Series 3 to the same mobile number used with their iPhone on the Vodafone mobile network. With NumberSync, a user wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 can still make and receive calls and text messages even without their iPhone nearby. They can also use data on the Apple Watch Series 3 to …

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Apple opens the doors to its new Chadstone Store with an updated design


The Apple Store is like a massive Apple product. And it’s treated just like its other products – it’s popular, updated regularly and at some point – it’s completely redesigned. That’s what we saw today as the company opened the doors to its new Chadstone store in Melbourne. It is the first Australian Apple Store to adopt the new store design. Tech Guide saw Apple’s …

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Apple’s HomePod smart speaker has been delayed until 2018


Apple’s HomePod connected smart speaker, unveiled at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference and due for a December release, has now been delayed until early 2018. The HomePod, a high-quality speaker that can be controlled using Siri, was one of the stars of the show at WWDC in San Jose in June. At that time Apple made the unusual move of naming a release date six months …

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Australia’s Fitness First the first in the world to connect Apple Watch with GymKit


Australia’s Fitness First gymnasiums have become the first in the world to roll out Apple’s GymKit which allows customers with an Apple Watch to connect directly to cardio equipment for more accurate exercise information. In an industry first, Fitness First’s members can just tap their Apple Watch to the GymKit-enabled cardio equipment to pair wirelessly and begin tracking and recording their fitness information. The TechnoGym …

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Create the ultimate Selfie Scenes with Apple’s new Clips 2.0 app


Apple has revealed a major update with its Clips app which makes it possible to create amazing 360-degree selfies against a background and locations including aboard the Millennium Falcon. The Selfie Scenes takes advantage of the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone X so it can place you in a bustling city, a beautiful landscape and in the Star Wars universe onboard the Millennium Falcon …

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RMIT partners with Apple to offer app development university course


When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, little did we know it would spark an incredible boom as developers turned their skills to creating apps. And now you will be able to study it at university following Apple’s global expansion of its Everyone Can Code initiative. RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia’s largest higher education institution, will now add App Development with Swift to its curriculum …

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CommBank and Westpac now offering Face ID security on its banking apps

The new Face ID that will unlock the iPhone X

Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank have adopted Face ID to allow customers using Apple’s new iPhone X’s new facial recognition technology to have secure access to their accounts. The iPhone X doesn’t have a home button and therefore no way to use your fingerprint so Apple introduced Face ID which maps your face and uses it to unlock the device. Banks adopted Touch ID fingerprint …

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Australian customers the first in the world to buy the iPhone X


Australians customers became the first in the world to get their hands on the highly anticipated iPhone X with customers camping outside Apple’s Sydney store for up to 10 days to buy it. There were more than 500 people in the line before the store doors swung open at 8am to loud cheering and clapping. Because of the time difference, Australian customers got a 16-hour …

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All the plans and pricing for Apple’s iPhone X


The iPhone X is now available to pre-order ahead of its November 3 release and Tech Guide has rounded up every plan from every telco to make it easier for you to choose the price and plan that suits you. Telstra and Optus both offer plans to either buy or lease the phone over 24 months while Vodafone has contracts that allow customers to pay …

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Customers rush in to pre-order Apple’s new iPhone X


Pre-order stock for Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone X has sold out within minutes after eager customers flooded the Apple website and telco sites to reserve their device ahead of the next week’s launch. Customers were able to pre-order from 6.01pm online and within minutes the estimated delivery time was already moving out to 4-5 weeks. But some customers were angered when sites crashed under the weight …

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ANZ Bank customers can now use eftpos instead of credit with Apple Pay


Up until now using Apple Pay meant the customer was making a credit transaction but today eftpos announced a collaboration with Apple and the ANZ Bank to access their own money in real time. Now ANZ Bank customers can make mobile payments with Apple Pay using eftpos (electronic fund transfer at point of sale) and with all the same security measures and convenience. ANZ is …

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Fake Apple ID pop ups could steal your password and credit card details


iPhone and iPad users could have their Apple account passwords and credit card details stolen with a fake login pop up that can easily be generated by a malicious iOS app. Developers have the ability to create this pop up that looks just like the official Apple sign-in method. This “phishing” attack – a method to lure users into volunteering their passwords by thinking it’s …

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Apple’s new iPhone 8 launched today – but the crowds stayed away


Apple’s new iPhone 8 launched today – an event normally marked with long lines outside Apple stores – but the crowds stayed away.  At 6am, two hours before opening, at the Sydney Apple Store there was about 20 people in the line. Apple security cleared excess barricades about 90 minutes before the store opened because the large crowds anticipated didn’t turn up. In the past it wasn’t …

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